VeRUS Pet Foods

VeRUS Pet Foods is a US manufacturer of premium natural pet foods.

VeRUS uses a holistic approach to their pet foods in the use of whole meats and grains, vitamin antioxidant preservation and the incorporation of organic nutrient sources.  In addition VeRUS Pet Foods are the only formulas on the market to contain patented freeze-dried LIVE probiotics.  Plus, their Chicken and Lamb, grown for human consumption, are raised without the use of growth hormones and are free of antibiotics. The menhaden fish they use is wild caught in US waters off the East Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico.

Simply put, the only pet food you should be using!

Dog Pound Distribution

We are a speciality distributor for VeRUS Pet Foods products.

We started because of our Chief Evangelist’s, Shorty Rossi,  love for pit bull terriers. Shorty has dedicated his life to saving pit bulls and their, much maligned, reputation.  During this time he has rescued many dogs and keeping them fit and healthy is not an easy task.  He met the good people over at VeRUS Pet Foods and they instantly bonded.

Now we are on a mission to make sure the good people of the Las Vegas valley are able to supply the best pet foods possible to their loving pets.